The Bind was created to increase readership for new books by women and nonbinary authors. We publish responses to full-length collections and chapbooks of poetry and hybrid-genre work, including translated work. This is an intersectional feminist venture, and we aim to include books by women and nonbinary writers of color, queer writers, trans writers, working-class writers, writers with disabilities, and a range of other women and nonbinary people who find themselves at various intersections. The Bind is currently posting a new review or interview every other week. 


Creative reviewing is at the heart of this site. We define "review" broadly. In addition to traditional reviews and microreviews, we will publish a variety of reader responses to and interactions with books, including lists, centos, collages, mind maps, marginalia, drawings, spells, and conversations—as long the focus remains on the book being reviewed. We think the value of a poetry review lies in its ability to open doors of understanding and intrigue. Starting in 2018, we'll also be publishing author interviews, lesson plans, and writing prompts based on new books. See our Index of Creative Reviews for examples. 

For more on our review philosophy, you can read this interview with Memorious and this interview with Oxford Writers' House.


We take submissions of reviews and responses! While we prefer reviews of books published within the last year, we will accept reviews of books up to three years old. We're especially interested in books by women of color, trans women, and nonbinary authors. We do not take reviews of self-published books or books printed through vanity presses. We do not take previously published reviews. Although we only review books by women and nonbinary writers, we consider reviews written by anyone, including men. We encourage men to read and promote the work of women and nonbinary authors! Pitches, queries, or completed reviews (creative or traditional) can be emailed to the.bind.reviews [at] gmail [dot] com. If you have a strange idea for a creative review, but you're unsure if it would be a good fit here, just get in touch. We'd love to see interactive and multimedia reviews made by people who are more tech-savvy than we are. At this time, we cannot pay our reviewers.

If you are interested in having your own book reviewed in The Bind, please email the.bind.reviews [at] gmail [dot] com. We have a backlog of books, and reviews are never guaranteed, but we're always happy to hear from you. We're especially interested in books by women of color, trans women, and nonbinary authors.


Think bookbinding; think spellbinding; think breast binding; think foot binding; think double binds and Marilyn Frye; think ties that bind; think binders full of women; think I bind you, Nancy, from doing harm; think binding and loosing; think binding together; think binding a wound.